In Addition to my "normal" Steadicam, im also the proud owner & operator of the Omega system.
Develop by MK-V in the UK, the Omega is in short a highly
advanced auto stabilizing Camera cage.
As illustrated below, the camera stays horizontal while the camera moves from fx Low to high mode
making it possible to achieve a whole new range of camera moves.
With a fully extended 4stage post, it´s  possible to move the camera from floor hight to well beyond average head hight while moving... and shooting :-)
The Omega is optimized to all modern day cameras, including the following listed below:
- Alexa Mini / Amira
- Alexa ( and Alexa+ )
- Sony F5 - F55
- Red & Red Epic
- All DSLR camera´s
Is your camera not listed..? Contact me and im sure we can work something out.